My name is Ben Wilkinson and I am from Tasmania, Australia. I am an enthusiast photographer who gets a real buzz out of exploring and capturing the Tasmanian Wilderness.

I love photography because I find that alongside my wife, family and friends, photographing and exploring the Tasmanian wilderness gives me a greater appreciation of life. A simple camera takes me away from it all and allows me to just be, it allows me be caught in a moment where nothing else matters. A moment I can enjoy my surroundings without any other thought, emotion or interference from life.

I have always been fascinated by the works of people like Peter Dombrovskis and Olegas Truchanas. I find inspiration in the dedication they showed for the preservation of Tasmania's wilderness and what they did to create the images that are so iconic and instrumental in their story. These stories provides me with motivation to explore Tasmania for myself and show others what we have and how valuable it is.

I hope you get as much enjoyment from looking at my images as I do taking them.

Thanks in advance for your support and for just having a look,